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Member Story: 绿色树冠房屋

Posted on Mar 13, 2017 in:
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It feels different here. We're at the office, talking shop. Moving past the acoustic guitar and AC/DC record (yes, 记录), 你会觉得这些人在做一些很酷很现代的事情,非常现代, 事实上, that the industry has yet to catch up. 办公室里有一把吉他是有道理的,因为这支团队有自己的节奏, setting new standards in homebuilding and daring anyone to do the same. 欢迎来到 绿色树冠房屋.


We're on the roof of "Beatrice" now, overlooking Lake Washington and Bellevue on one side, with a clear shot of the Smith Tower in Seattle on the other. But enough about the view—we're standing on top of building science. 这个家的内部很快就会充满足够多的小玩意,即使是最热心的技术极客也会惊叹不已, 提供更清洁的空气, 更高效的加热, and an overall sense of innovative superiority.

的推动下 bg真人游戏娱乐® checklists, 以及他们自己的细致的质量控制检查清单(QCIC), 每个“绿冠”工作站点都通过ipad进行同步,提供实时的项目管理跟踪和沟通. 这个过程确保进行关键的更新,并且任何错误不会再次发生. It's all about getting better here, from process to parts. Better homes lead to a better brand, 这反过来为每个获得绿色树冠认证的家庭前面的树标识提供验证.

"That tree logo," by the way, is there for much more than feng shui. Value使住宅建筑创新成为一种行业优势成为可能, 创新, 美, 和效率, 或氛围, the way Green Canopy sees it. Their brand is secured—not grounded—by these four "roots," seen literally on the face of each home, welcoming owners and guests into the future of home living. 如果一个家庭不符合严格的检查清单,那么它就收不到标识. In other words, this brand delivers.

绿色树冠房屋的Aaron Fairchild、Eric Lubert、Kate Wells-Driscoll和Sam Lai

绿色树冠房屋的Aaron Fairchild、Eric Lubert、Kate Wells-Driscoll和Sam Lai


Let's take a step back to a sleep-deprived evening in 2008. 主人亚伦·费尔柴尔德(Aaron Fairchild)和山姆·赖(Sam Lai)最近都迎来了他们的新生儿, and through their giddiness came the idea for 绿色树冠房屋. After trademarking their moniker, 他们开始回答一个简单的问题:我们正在改变世界吗? Heady question, but these guys wouldn't have it any other way. They're looking to create history.

当然,历史是由变化决定的,没有人比这群人更清楚这一点. They don't throw history out, however; 事实上, they embrace it in all its past beauty. Case in point; each project they take on comes with the name of an iconic and typically historical female figure. “比阿特丽斯”是以比阿特丽斯·西姆斯的名字命名的,她是西雅图有色人种女性俱乐部的创始人. Each project's story continues long after the team leaves, 太, as Lai envisions his future homeowners living, 笑, and growing up healthier and happier inside their Green Canopy home.

After a familial chat with the project managers, in conversation outside of Beatrice, Lai通过比较汽车的mpg和家庭能效评级来结束他关于家庭能效的观点. “希望我的孩子们会以同样的方式看待他们的家庭mpg(就像他们的汽车一样)。,”他说, almost as an afterthought. "I guarantee you they will," quips Fairchild, never one to miss a beat. The attention to detail is strong.

Those who know Aaron Fairchild may know his father, who knew everyone. Aaron worked at his father's bank from 1995 to 2008, 完善他的融资技能,利用他在当地住宅建筑领域的经验,让投资者能够在不牺牲价值的情况下获得成功. 有一天,, at the height of the financial crisis, Fairchild decided it was time to enter the real estate industry. 为什么? Human reasoning can be a tricky thing to grasp, 但一个简单的类比总结了他的思维过程:这是他的机会,从崩溃中构建美丽的东西.


当然,培育这种改变意味着在正确的地方播下正确的种子. 在这种情况下, it means building sustainability in the cultural center of the Northwest, the greater Seattle and Portland areas. 在普吉特湾地区一些最明显和最密集的地区,绿色树冠已经发芽生根, spanning a diverse price range. bg真人游戏娱乐-certified homes, like the ones Green Canopy specializes in, 现在在土壤丰富的西雅图地区建造的所有住宅中,占57%. The roots of change are spreading—must be all the rain.

绿色树冠房屋 exterior

绿色树冠房屋 kitchen


At the Earth 6 property in Delridge, consisting of six detached single-family units, Fairchild fervently points out features, describing the living area as "Volkswagen luxury," inside the well-sealed envelope construction of the home. Green Canopy projects that go on the market in the low $400,000范围, such as the Earth 6 units, contain features not typically found at that price, Fairchild和Lai都很快指出,他们在传播这项技术方面得到了帮助. 在步骤 the Washington State Housing Finance Commission (WSHFC), 没有他们, “绿冠”将无法按照他们想要的方式为地球建造家园. WSHFC已经帮助像Green Canopy这样的建筑商为各种形状和大小的房屋提供深度的能源效率, allowing lower-end residences to experience the joy of high efficiency ERVs, 生态板, 效率提高了230%的热泵创造了压缩能源,其强度相当于“高中生在舞池中跳舞”(Fairchild的另一个经典作品), just like they do inside million-dollar homes. 在WSHFC, Green Canopy sees a like-minded ally, 敢于跳出固有的思维模式,敢于承担可衡量的风险来完成自己的使命. 用他们自己的话来说, 建筑行业的绿色创新通常“不是一个优势”," though Fairchild and friends are working on that.

当谈到绿色生活时,团队中的每个人都在谈论这个话题,这也很有帮助. Lai literally lives and breathes his product, living in a home he collaboratively designed and built himself. Hanging around the crew, especially Lai and Fairchild, 很明显,当他们说他们想要改变住宅建筑行业时,他们是真心实意的——不管大家喜欢与否.

这让人想起邻居们的喋喋不休,他们反对在他们的树林里建造现代“怪物”. 仙童与联盟的邻里阵线作战,只需让居民坐下来,像他们自己一样与他们交谈, and giving them some say in what they have to look at every day. The loudest typically direct the majority at these gatherings, 仙童指出, 因此,“绿色天篷”让人们可以上网填写一份关于外观颜色和屋顶形状等特征的调查, which will then influence the design direction Green Canopy takes. 然后根据计划建造住宅,对油漆和斜坡进行轻微的修改.

When asked whether or not this is enough to satisfy opposed residents, 仙童有理由反驳这种冲突:“我们甚至在购买房产之前就会为现有住户召开会议, 和他们谈谈,看看在那里(某个特定的社区)建房子是否合适. If we think it is not right for us, we explain that another builder will eventually buy this land, and they probably won't engage the community at all."

Fairchild also discusses obstacles within the rebuilding process, 解释为什么他和Green Canopy已经放弃了全面的改造项目:在过去,改造许可的漫长计划审查过程带来的持续的挫折,已经推迟了项目,以至于他们“根本不值得麻烦”,”他说. Ever the mender, however, he has recently taken a seat on the MBA董事会他希望进一步影响本地区的政治决策者. 通过让公众参与进来,并在有影响力的行业委员会的第一线任职,在问题成为问题之前压制问题, Green Canopy is winning before nail one is hammered.




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